5 Benefits of Taking Salt Baths

October 31, 2019

5 Benefits of Taking Salt Baths

Taking a bath has many benefits for your physical and mental health. But did you know that all those fancy bath products actually have many benefits? When it comes to soaking salts many people think it's just sea salt with fragrance that looks pretty in a bottle but today I am going to share with you the real reason why those pretty bottles exist and why they should be included in your bathtub. 

First off, all salts are not created equal. There are two methods for harvesting salt, one from salt mines (typically the table salt we use) and the other from the sea. The biggest health difference is that table salt has been heated to 1200 degrees and processed so much that much of its benefits have been striped away. Then additives are mixed in so that moisture doesn't occur and cause the salt to clump. This is NOT what we want to soak our bodies in.

At Fiorella Soapery we use Mediterranean sea salt that has been harvested directly from the sea and baked in natural sunlight. This process allows the water to naturally evaporate leaving behind pure sea salt with all of its natural benefits. If the sea salt has been minimally processed you will find yourself benefiting from 60+ natural minerals. Um, yes please! Here are my top 5 reasons why you should be adding soaking salts to your bath routine.

  1. Moisturizes the skin- that's right! It's crazy to think that sea salt actually locks in the moisture in your skin which is the complete opposite of its effects internally. If you suffer from dry skin even severe psoriasis soaking in a warm salt bath for at least 15 minutes could help reduce dryness. For added moisture be sure to apply a lotion or cream immediately after getting out of the tub so your skin can soak up the maximum amount.
  2. Detoxifies the body and clears acne-  dead sea salt contains a high amount of sulfur which is a proven cleanser that has anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties. It is important to note that sea salt baths are great for clearing existing acne but to prevent future flare ups you need to use other methods.
  3. Decreases inflammation and sore muscles- because of the high content of magnesium in sea salt it is considered an anti-inflammatory.  Many people with arthritis and other joint/muscle maladies have had doctors suggest taking salt baths on a regular basis to reduce the swelling and inflammation.
  4. It helps you sleep better - the high levels of magnesium found in dead sea salt help to relax the body and mind. The lack of magnesium in the body actually can result in many sleep disorders so allowing your body to absorb this mineral while soaking away the day will help create balance.
  5. It's amazing for you pets! Did you know that a salt bath has all the benefits mentioned above for your pets? That's right, it can help alleviate your fur baby's dry skin, clear up cuts ands scrapes and help with sore joint and muscles. So when you are done soaking away in your salt bath just throw your fury friend in for a quick dip. For those of you who are lucky enough to live by the ocean skip the bath and go for a swim together in Mother Nature's salt bath!

Quick Tip- I am a huge fan of bubbles in my bath so I suggest combining soaking salts with a bath bomb to get the best of both worlds. I suggest putting your soaking salts in first because the salt does have a tendency to deflate the bubbles if you add after your bubbles.

There are many other benefits to soaking salts and I would love to hear why you like using them in your bath routine. Leave a comment below and share!

With love and bubbles,


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