Harvest Moon Bar Soap Set

Harvest Moon Bar Soap Set

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We want to make your gifting this holiday easy and affordable. These days it is so difficult to put together a gift under $25.00 so we thought it would be such fun to offer our customers these gift boxes. Our customers love giving these as teachers gifts, using them for white elephant gifts, . We even suggest getting one for yourself because taking care of yourself allows you to spread more love to others.


Here is how it works...you choose: 

- 1 bar of soap, regular size 4.5 oz

- 1 mini whipped soap, 4 oz

- either a soaking salt or a bath bomb, regular 6 oz salt or 5 oz bath bomb


For each gift set purchased you will receive a box filled with our favorite recycled paper filler and the 3 items you have chosen. 

**Our website only allows so many combinations so if the combination you are trying to make is not available on the website please feel free to message us fiorellasoap@gmail.com. We apologize for any inconvenience as we always strive to make your lives easier and more enjoyable.